You can contact us on our Discord Server.
Alternatively you can send us an email to [email protected].


Here is a list of projects made and/or funded by us.

Project Information Free proxy list updated 24/7 Pasting website Simpler pasting website


All of our projects are funded by the money they make or what is donated to us.
Here is a list of our crypto addresses if you want to help us.

Coin Address
Bitcoin bc1qfle7jjfj9fe2a357w9srarhp77uklt0qcajugz
Ethereum 0xb02573119349f315e662e27ccceb9dfa207e46c9
Litecoin ltc1qfr0663jhd9kf4kkgkmmercdjym5jpknr4n8d24
Tron TEoaMiFp8rGfL4CN5ZgN8ucxyXEMj8aALF
USDT ERC-20 0xb02573119349f315e662e27ccceb9dfa207e46c9
USDT TRC-20 TEoaMiFp8rGfL4CN5ZgN8ucxyXEMj8aALF